Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Lighting the way for local schools, councils and communal residential areas

Professional outdoor public lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, we know that every little detail counts. Lighting open spaces like car parks, shopping areas and residential blocks requires a tactical approach that combines safety and functionality with style and atmosphere.

At Kingson Garden Elecricians, we have over 3 decades of lighting experience and our team are ready to tackle any brief, no matter how specific the requirements.

Lighting for safety and security

Lighting in public areas doesn’t just need to look the part, it also needs to work reliably 100% of the time. So many areas are dependant on lighting when the sun goes down, from busy walkways and office complexes to car parks and recreational grounds.

These lights need to be completely weatherproof and designed to work at certain times. As well as looking good, these lights should also illuminate areas for safety, functionality and security. At Kingson Garden Electricians, we understand the various use cases for outdoor lighting and how integral it can be to making areas safe and usable.