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Effective driveway lighting for a Hemel Hempstead home

Completion: January 2018

We created a simple but effective drive lighting solution for Mr and Mrs E' Hemel Hempstead home in October 2019.

The challenge

Installing an appropriate path and drive lighting solution can transform the front of a property, but for built-up residential areas it’s important not to go over-the-top and instead keep the lighting effective but subtle.

The property was having a new block paved drive laid by a local builder and whilst Mr and Mrs E wanted some lighting installed that could come on and go off automatically, they did not know what would be the best approach.

Our approach

Following a consultation with the customer we recommended a number of 12v Hunza LUXR precision machined recessed uplights in copper. These luminaire achieves IP68 water ingress rating and the Cree 4 watt LED can be easily replaced if required for extra peace of mind.

We ran a underground cable around the garden before the block paving was laid and connected this to an auto dusk sensor that ensures the lights came on at whatever time was dusk each day and went off at midnight. Once the block paving was laid, we returned to precisely cut the holes for the lights using a diamond drill. There were two light used to illuminate the fence and three recessed placed around the front of the house, close to the walls to give a nice uplight effect onto the property

Not only does this achieve what the owners wanted, it provides adequate lighting to and from front door and to their vehicle. The hardware used to manage the lights can also set the lights to run on a schedule which can be easily customised depending on the time of year (with the default set as being automatic lighting from dusk until midnight).

Recessed Driveway lights

All lights were HUNZA low voltage LEDs, perfect for long-life drive lighting with an extended warranty of up to 8 years. Every single light we installed at the property is also fully serviceable, meaning that if anything did go wrong years down the line it could be easily fixed during one of our annual service visits – something we commit to on every project.

The result

The choice of lighting has paid off. Having spend money of having  a new landscaped and block paved drive this Hemel Hempstead property is now beautifully lit with low voltage lighting technology. The owners have reported that that have received many nice comments from people to come to their front door.

So, if you are thinking about having a new drive laid, why not consider investing in having some beautiful lighting installed. Getting outdoor lighting installed before the work is completed is the best approach and our skilled garden electricians are used to working with and around your builders.

A superb job from a friendly and efficient team. Great advice, very profession and knoweagble. We would recommend Kingson Garden electricans to any homeowners that wants to have beautiful outdoor lighting.

Dave Follett
Kingson Electrcians