Here at Kingson Electrical we know how much difference lighting can make to your garden. For over 20 years we’ve helped customers turn their gardens into extensions of their homes, using light to enhance and elevate spaces of all shapes and sizes. Lighting is a difficult thing to get right, not just in terms […]

Illumination is one of the most important aspects of transforming a garden. It can breathe life and colour into the darkest, dullest corners, and elevate any landscape designer’s ideas to new, lofty heights. Any garden designer worth their salt will rank lighting as a key consideration, but even if you’re not interested in having your […]

We love our gardens. They’re like an extension of our home, particularly in those long summer evenings. It’s the perfect place to relax while the children play, sit back with your laptop, or even get some friends over for some al fresco dining. You can have the most beautiful flower arrangements, features and furniture, but […]